Due to Covid 19: First semester Centennial activites have changed. Becuase the centenial is conected to the high school we will have to strictly follow the district mandate. All events are pending Covid restrictions. Please check in for updates

Sweetwater High School opened on Aug. 30. 1920.  The first year of Sweetwater High School was the 1920-21 school year.

But, we as a school are much older.  National City High School opened its proud doors in 1901.  So, when I graduated in 1988, I was part of the 87th graduating class and Sweetwater was celebrating its 69th anniversary.  Next year’s seniors will be the 119th graduating class celebrating Sweetwater’s 100th anniversary.  Get it?  We are the second oldest high school after San Diego High School (it opened in 1882 as Russ School).

What does Sweetwater have planned to celebrate such a momentous occasion?  Here is a list of SOME of the events already in the works…

  1. Sunday Aug. 30th , 2020:

SUHi will have a Virtual 100 birthday celebration. Stay tuned for details.

  • October or November:

Homecoming pending guidelines from the district.

We will celebrate our Centennial Year Homecoming.  Lots of fun and fanfare!  As soon as the date is decided specific plans will begin

  • January 2021

The opening of the Sweetwater Museum!    Work has begun to transform one of the rooms in the Parent Center into our fledgling museum space.  Over time it will become the hub for all things historical at SUHi!

  • A Magical Friday:

There will be an Alumni Gala.  There is also a revamping of our Alumni Association and this event is a nod to that part of our history.

  • Ongoing:

All sports will be celebrating their history.  More details to follow as coaches and players have their voices heard.

  • Ongoing: Pending Covid restrictions

Each month will highlight a decade of our history.  We will have spaces on campus dedicated to each decade. Aug=20’s, Sept=30’s, Oct=40’s, Nov=50’s, Dec=60’s, Jan=70’s, Feb=80’s, Mar=90’s, Apr=2000’s, May=2010’s, and of course June is all about 2020!

How lucky are we that we get to be a part of something so special! 100 years of tradition and pride!  Sweetwater High School has been the center of our community for the last 100 years and it will continue to be for the next 100 years.  Let’s get ready to celebrate!

The Students of SUHI voted last month for our 100 year centennial logo and the winner was Frida. Congratulations to Frida Martinez for an awesome logo design. Frida will have the logo digitized and presented at our upcoming events.